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Broken Arrow Apartments

September 6th, 2012 . by Clark Scott

uncategorized Broken Arrow is a beautiful area of Oklahoma. It is located in Tulsa county and a great many families and single individuals live there. The Broken Arrow community is quite prosperous and hundreds of people move to this area every year. Some people buy homes when they move to Broken Arrow, but some people choose to rent apartments, because of the gorgeous and spacious accommodations that are available.

Apartments can be found to fit into almost any budget. Most apartments in the area are located in apartment buildings, but some smaller spaces can be found in homes for people who are looking for more private living accommodations. Apartment buildings offer much larger living areas though, and most families and couples choose to rent spaces located in apartment buildings.

Apartment buildings in Broken Arrow offer one, two and three bedroom options. All apartments will contain a bathroom, kitchen and living room. Some apartments feature open studio type layouts and two bathroom apartments can be found as well. Most apartments in Broken Arrow are located in modern apartment buildings and this means that the apartments themselves will look brand new with newer appliances. Facilities for washing and drying laundry are located in apartment buildings and there will be many washers and dryers to accommodate all of the people living in the building.uncategorized

Some apartments in Broken Arrow are furnished and this is a great option for individuals who travel to Broken Arrow regularly for work. Beds, couches, chairs, tables and televisions are set up in apartments and this means that renters do not have to lift a finger to decorate or move furnishings.

Apartments in Broken Arrow can be found in great school districts and this is perfect for families who do not wish to purchase a house. Apartments can be rented in smaller communities in the area, and children can play at local parks or go to community centers located near apartments. Bus service runs to apartment buildings and it is likely that there will be a few children living within the same buildings. This means that children can easily get to school and they can make local friends as well.

There are always apartments available in Broken Arrow and these apartments can be found by contacting a local apartment finder, or by looking online. Apartment finders can easily locate the perfect matching living space, and this is a great option for individuals who need to find apartments right away. Apartments can be toured before they are rented and apartment finders will make sure that appointments are set up for tours until the best apartment is found. After an apartment is located, an application for the apartment must be filled out and the security deposit and first month’s rent must be given to the apartment rental office.

Gulfstream G650 close up takeoff on RWY 7 at KLUK.

October 30th, 2013 . by Clark Scott

gulfstream g650 Turn up your speakers!!!! Here is a brand new Gulfstream G650 taking off right in front of me at FULL POWER!!!! I was just there for a flight lesson and I always film before every flight lesson and I was lucky enough to catch this beauty going up. It was being test flown by Proctor and Gamble’s flight department, who is headquartered here at Lunken Airport. Proctor and Gamble is a worldwide corporation headquartered here in Cincinnati, so I see their jets going up quite frequently. ATC included. Callsign is Gulfstream 650PH. Filmed from the Main Terminal parking lot on Airport Road on September 24, 2013 with a Nikon Coolpix L820. Also, thank you to YouTube user ElectricGUnSmoke for allowing me to use his tripod.

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